Feb 10, 2019

My "Baby" almost dies

Today she made a strange noise, got quiet and stopped moving then went red. Of course I just thought she had died so I pick her up and see if I notice anything strange. I don't see anything so I place her on her dock thinking she needs to rest. After 30 min I come back but she is still red. Worried I picked her up and emptied her and her filter with no luck. So I rummage through the bookshelves for the manual and find the troubleshoot page. Found even more filters, took those apart and found something shiny. Foil and a candy wrapper blocking a pipe. I can't reach in it so I search for long tweezers or pliers. I finally find a pair of gardening tweezers that barely made it through the tube. Removed the blockage put back all her pieces and placed her on her dock to rest. She changed from red to blue immediately and I left her to do her thing. So after charging for a bit she got back to work. So glad I could help her.

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