Dec 26, 2016

Feeling a little broken

Christmas was great. B came and got me Christmas eve. Christmas morning we went to Brian's for my family and then went up to his parents house for his families. It was a good one.
The part that broke me a little was checking Facebook. First four, then five, then Six, now eight people I know got engaged over Christmas. Two of which are B's co-workers so we knew about one of them before it happened. B had mentioned that someone had asked if he was feeling pressure at all and he said no and laughed. He laughed telling me about it. And now I have this ache..and a constant need to cry. Only I can't stand to cry in front of him, he gives me this look that makes me want to cry more. It's not a bad look, it's a mix between love and you're crazy. I love him and I know he loves me it's the waiting that hurts.

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