Mar 14, 2018

F my life right now

so I have been super frustrated lately with work and my home like. work has been a bitch, it's been crazy busy because they over filled my classroom and keep taking out my partner and giving me random people. I hate it. and we'll life in general hasn't been terrible it's just that B doesn't do much around the house. I do the dishes. I do the cleaning. I take out the garbage and do the laundry. It's basically like he doesn't even see the mess in front of him and get defensive when I ask him to clean up after himself. We went a got a new vacuum recently because his broke somehow and I have only been able to clean using the hose. Well we got a robot vacuum and while I can't seem to connect it to my phone I let it run today and it worked great! This may be the best thing yet lol one less chore for me to do.

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