Sep 22, 2017

Life with B

Well I started living with B and the roommates the last week of August. I had just finished my week of training and my new job needed me immediately. We worked out the bus system and figured it took two buses each morning to get me to work with B picking me up at night. One night he noticed an apartment complex near my work and we applied that night. By that Monday we had heard back B went and saw the place and we were able to move in that Sunday. We moved it Sept 10th. That was the perfect weekend since the roommates were out of town. Amber came over and helped us pack Saturday stayed through Sunday and helped us move in. It was actually nice. Our place is small but adorable. It's a one bedroom with a walk in closet, laundry room, walk in pantry and a nice sizes kitchen and living room. while we aren't entirely in packed yet two weeks later it has been fun finding out what we don't have and what we forgot to pack from our old places. Like most of his dishes and servingware. We have made plenty of trips to target and will hopeful!y get the rest of our needs this weekend because yay payday. The best part is its a ten minute walk to work for me. Anne a ten minute drive for him. This weekend we are finally getting our couch. We still don't have Wi-Fi or cable so we have been watching stuff on our phones lol it's terrible. I must admit actually living together as a couple is interesting. right now we are both so tired after work we have dinner, watch a few episodes if that then are usually asleep by 930pm. I have been so tired I have been sleeping through his 4am alarms. At some point hopefully we will get used to our schedules and be able to function more easily. I just hope we can get rid of the boxes sooner rather than later.

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